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Our social impact

Ironhack empowers people to transform their lives and careers through tech.


It’s talent that matters

We believe that tech talent can be found anywhere. This is why we are helping bridge the technology talent gap by empowering people from all walks of life. We are actively working to increase diversity in the tech industry and provide our students with the confidence they need to succeed. We strive to ensure that anyone with determination can access our courses, regardless of their background or financial situation. At Ironhack, our goal is to develop a tech community that represents the values of talent and meritocracy that the digital revolution is based on.

Women in TechThe Algorithm is female

The Algorithm is Female is a growing community that focuses on empowering individuals regardless of nationality, gender or age. Find out what Ironhack is doing to fight against the gender gap in the tech industry and join our community.

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Our social impact actions

Ironhack is committed to increasing accessibility and helping you start your career in tech. Regardless of your age, wealth or nationality, we believe that talent is what matters to change your future and boost your career.

Become an enabler for your community

By sponsoring and promoting an exclusive scholarship opportunity for your users, you aren’t just changing one person’s life, you’re taking a leading role in shaping digital revolution:


Tech pioneer: Establish your brand as a strong leader in the tech industry.


Employer branding: You’ll have access to find and hire top talent before they enter the job market and show why you are a go-to employer in tech.


Corporate social responsibility: Show your company does the right thing by ensuring access to education.


Community building: Strengthen your customer relationships by enabling your users to change their careers and lives.

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