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The cybersecurity workforce shortfall remains a critical vulnerability for companies and nations. New solutions are needed to build the cybersecurity workforce necessary in a networked world. Build a career in the cybersecurity industry with our Accelerated Cybersecurity Bootcamp powered by Cybint. Become a cybersecurity professional without any previous knowledge

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Cybersecurity prework: Before the course

Dive into the world of cybersecurity

Once you become an official Ironhack Cybersecurity student, you will be given 20 hours of online learning material. To get you ready for learning Cybersecurity, this prework will familiarize you with computer systems (what is a computer, how it works and what are its main functionalities), operating systems (main operations, processes, file systems and sytem commands) and networks (principles, types, protocols and configuration). This knowledge will set the ground to have a productive and meaningful learning process during the bootcamp. Also, although you will learn these topics remotely before you arrive at your chosen campus, you won’t be far away from the resources of the Ironhack community. Make use of our Slack channel to connect with your peers and get help from expert academic staff. At the end of your prework, you’ll be ready for the fast pace on campus!

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Who is our Cybersecurity bootcamp for?

Career changers

Free yourself from a dissatisfying job by signing up for Ironhack’s Bootcamp. This course will help you change careers over to one of the fastest-growing industries. No matter what your background is, you won't need any prerequisites to join the course, besides a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to go above and beyond for your new career path.

Career boosters

Are you looking to transition into a technical career? Ironhack’s bootcamp is specifically designed to develop your skills to land you a job as a cybersecurity professional in a junior position.

Students and graduates

If you have just finished your studies but you are looking to specialize yourself in one of the industries of the future, this is your opportunity! Join us in a very different type of classroom, where you are expected to start working from day one and get ready to jump to the job market with a brand new pool of skills widely demanded for corporations around the globe.

Why should you learn Cybersecurity?

Fastest growing area in technology

Not only is it a fast growing area, Cybersecurity has had 0% unemployment for nearly a decade. With plenty of opportunities and competitive compensation, the only thing standing in your way to access an accelerated, future-proof career is to master the matter.

Digital breaches and business vulnerabilities

Advances in technology are the main driver for economic growth but have also led to a higher incidence of cyberattacks. The leading trends such as e-commerce, mobile payments, cloud computing, Big Data and analytics, IoT, AI, machine learning, and social media, all increase cyber risk for users and businesses.

Workforce Gap

As cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication, organizations face a persistent challenge in recruiting skilled cybersecurity professionals capable of protecting their systems against the threat of malicious actors.

Cybersecurity growth due to the global pandemic

Cybersecurity is experiencing a strong growth due to Covid-19. With millions of people forced to spend more time indoors and online, it has created a huge space for cybercriminals to exploit the crisis and the need to invest more in cybersecurity professionals. According to the LearnBonds report, 70% of major companies will increase cybersecurity spending post-coronavirus to face the challenge of the global pandemic.

FAQs about the Cybersecurity course

Are there any prerequisites for the cybersecurity Bootcamp?

While there are no standardized pre-requisites, you will need basic English proficiency, basic math and logic skills, and most of all drive and motivation to learn in an accelerated environment.

I know nothing about cybersecurity, but I am passionate about it. Can I participate in the Bootcamp?

Yes! The Cybersecurity Bootcamp powered by Cybint requires no prior cybersecurity knowledge.

How does the remote version of the cybersecurity bootcamp work?

In the remote version of the Bootcamp, you will get together with all your classmates and facilitator first thing in the morning for a session where you will get ready for the learning objectives of the day. Then you will go study on the Cybint Platform and at the end of the day, you will get together again with the whole cohort and facilitator for another session to help you consolidate the day’s learning. During the day, if you have doubts you will be able to ask questions to your facilitator, classmates and Cybint experts.

How will I learn practical cybersecurity skills?

In order for you to practice, we have developed labs that run in “virtual machines”. This means that when you open a virtual machine in a different browser, it will be as if you were in a totally different computer. In these virtual machines you will be able to run different operating systems, access different tools without installing them in your computer and you will also be able to practice in a safe way, without hurting yourself nor others.

What are the minimal computer requirements and what is the ultimate setup?

You will need a computer with the following minimum characteristics:  

  • Min i3 Processor 
  • Should be able to run Chrome and Youtube 
  • Camera, headphones and mic to be able to participate effectively in the video calls  
  • Recommended internet: 5mbps
  • (Optional) A 2nd  screen

How is it possible to learn cybersecurity in only 3 months?

We developed the Bootcamp under the principle of “EVERYTHING you need to know but ONLY what you need to know”. With our accelerated learning methodology (based on military bootcamps), we focus on giving you the specific skills you will need to develop.

What type of jobs will I be able to do after the Bootcamp?

Our curriculum is aligned with the NICE-NIST Framework and we will prepare you to apply to roles like Cyber Security Analyst, Forensics Analyst and Incident Responder.

Will the Bootcamp assist me in finding a position overseas?

Skills in cybersecurity are global, so once you have the skills then you can apply for positions overseas.

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